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Our visa-supported deployment offers a range of skilled professionals for your retail needs, including retail merchandisers, sales executives, supervisors, and store managers. These individuals are available under fixed-term contracts, allowing for flexibility in cancellation policies. You can rely on our team to provide qualified and dedicated personnel to enhance your retail operations and achieve your business objectives.

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Effortlessly adjust your workforce to align with your specific requirements and market conditions. Seamlessly scale up staff during weekends and public holidays to meet increased demand, while maintaining a lean team throughout the week.

Expert Resourcing

Select from a pool of highly experienced and thoroughly screened staff members who have been carefully chosen from a diverse range of candidates. Our rigorous selection process guarantees that you receive skilled professionals who can contribute effectively to your organization's success.

Optimize Costs

Our retail staff members are deployed through our ministry of labor licensed company, ensuring compliance with regulations and legal requirements. By partnering with us, you can quickly and efficiently hire retail staff without the burden of upfront deployment costs.

Legal Protection

Our staff members are deployed under the sponsorship of our ministry of labor licensed outsourcing company, offering an additional layer of legal protection. So you can easily focus on your business operations without concerns about legal issues related to the deployed staff.

Experience the convenience of our short-term retail staffing services, tailored specifically for pop-up stores, kiosks, activations, promotions, and events.

Easily hire retail staff for your desired duration. Additionally, you have the freedom to cancel staff with zero notice,

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